Find out the Hidden Meaning of Your First Name - (as on your Birth Certificate)
When your Shadow is mastered and you can embody you Purpose and Higher Purpose Crystals
to the same degree holding them in Balance, you have completed this life’s Journey.

Your Shadow Crystal represents your weakness in this life and is the aspect of self that must be mastered to remain vigilant on the spiritual path. In some ways your shadow Crystal represents the theme the Ego would take to steal your life purpose and thus your Higher Purpose.

Your Purpose Crystal represents the Goal you have chosen for your Lower-self in this life. (Lower three in-body Chakras). Essentially it is the reason you are here and the lesson you have come to learn and perhaps offer to others. The Mastery of your Purpose Crystal opens doorways to your Higher Purpose.

Your Higher Purpose Crystal represents the Goal you have chosen for your Higher-self in this life. (Upper three in-body Chakras). This Crystal is visited more and more based on your ability to carry your lower purpose through your Heart and work Spiritually. Your higher Purpose Crystal is an ever building Journey.


Either in person or zoom call, I will share information on the 3 crystals your name represents.  You will receive a copy of this information via email and 1 bottle of crystals of your choosing, to start you on your journey.  

Name Purpose Reading incl 1 x 20ml Liquid Crystal


    Margot James