Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Our body has its own hidden septic system. It works beneath the surface 24/7 removing damaging toxins. It also holds the key to fat metabolism, immune response and great health!     

Want to know more?

So many people are suffering with a sick lymphatic system and they don’t know much about it. The lymphatic system measures over 100,000 km in length and plays a significantly powerful role to how good we feel on a daily basis.

Your immune system lives in there How quickly we can get in shape inflammation and immune response.   It is responsible for:

How fast we recover

Cellular waste

The removal of toxins and 

How fast we heal

Inflammation, disease and 99% of all pain originates in our bodies lymphatic system.  It is our gigantic sewer system /immune system /lipid (fat)  carrier/lubricating and delivery system.

Clean it out and your pain, inflammation, disease and ill health will reduce dramatically and you will reap the rewards of great health.

Symptoms of lymphatic problems may include:


Joint pain


Hands and feet pain




Breast swelling




Chronic Fatigue


Swelling of lymph nodes in the


throat, armpits or groin


Muscle aches and pains


Sore throats and being sick often


Hormonal problems




Weight gain


Sickness and disease


What most people care about first, is getting into shape.  Is this all making sense?  How can a healthy lymphatic system compliment our health and fitness goals?  Lymph moves free fatty acids throughout the body, to digest fats.  If it doesn’t, we are storing fat in all the wrong places. Fats need to go to the liver to be utilised and burned.  It's the lymph system that's moving them.

The lymph system has to do its job. This is what people don't realise. We are so busy worrying about increasing our blood flow, upping cardio training and cutting fats from our diet, we forget that our fat needs a healthy lymph system to be transported.


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The appearance of cellulite can be from pockets of fat pushing up through the connective tissue (our fascia), this happens when the fascia is hard, tight and restricted. The fascia looks like layers of spider webs and when these spider webs are restricted they glue together and this binds the fat and creates the appearance of cellulite.

Where the fascia is restricted there is also often swelling, inflammation, edema and congestion. We are going to move and manipulate both, are you ready?

We will target areas of loose skin, hard swollen limbs, sore to touch body parts, cellulite and fat pockets by stimulating the lymphatic system, releasing adhesions and fascial restriction, increase circulation, decrease swelling in the tissue and improve the skins texture and appearance of cellulite, while we help heal the body.

Plus.. We are going to feed the fascia with a specialised massage cream, LymFATics! Whilst being massaged into the skin, this lightweight cream contains ingredients that help to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and stimulate the lymphatic system.

The cream contains a specialised blend of healing herbs and essential oils, which will assist the glide of the glove smoothly across the body.

These ingredients are powerful on their own.  In my combination they are lethal... in a good way!

This cream helps strengthen and repair your fascia and lymphatic structure, vein and capillary function, while providing nutrition to your cells.  This will aid in toxin removal, speed up healing, as well as improve circulation beneath the skin.

Margot James